Since you know how much AWOLers love dress up, the hosts have collectively decided on altered themes nights. We love all kinds of costumes—elaborate, sexy, funny, twisted, etc., so live a little on the edge and join us as our group makes a statement.
Saturday – FICTION OR FANTASY (like children’s story books—Little Red Riding Hood, Harry Potter, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, or more fantasy-related like unicorns, Greek gods, space aliens, angles, devils, fairies, etc.)
Sunday - HEDONISTIC SCHOOL GIRL (principal, nerd, jock, plaid skirts, etc.)
Monday – ANYTHING BUT CLOTHES (look in your craft bin, recycling bin, garage, dollar store, for unique items that are not clothing)
Tuesday - BARE AS YOU DARE GLOW NIGHT (dance under the stars in light up things, glow necklaces, anything skimpy that is blinking or flashy)
Wednesday – FETISH: LEATHER & LINGERIE (dress in leather, lace, bondage)
Thursday – TWINS NIGHT/SEEING DOUBLE (dress in coordinating outfits, matching jammies, batman/batgirl, sexy cops, etc.) Foam party to follow
Friday – ROCK STAR (time to dig out that 80s punk rock outfit)
The ever-popular Naughty Gift Exchange will take place where you can bring one gift per couple/single.  The gift can be for males, females, or dual purpose and should not exceed $40 in value.  It is best to put the item in a gift sack to bring to the Piano Bar since the TSA is not very forgiving on gift-wrapped items and may destroy your packaging.  We encourage you to wear a “naughty” shirt that you can’t normally wear in public to the gift exchange as this always gets the laughter flowing.