Ben & Amber

Ben and Amber have been vacationing at Hedonism resorts for many years and have lost count after 20+ trips!  They met through AWOL in 2012 and were married at Hedonism II in 2014.  They love participating in theme nights and, while other try to bring as little as possible, they bring tons of costumes, body paint, and glitter to share!

Mike & Michelle

Mike and Michelle have been vacationing at Hedonism resorts since 2005. They discovered AWOL in 2016 and have been traveling with them every since.  They are often referred to as Metal Mike and Glitter Tits.  Two nicknames that are well-deserved and need no explanation!

Dean & Kathyi

Dean and Kathyi have been coming to Hedonism II since 2011 and joined AWOL in 2018.  You can catch Dean making new friends when he isn't MC-ing the AWOL Pool Party games.  Don't pass up on the opportunity  to ask Kathyi about her adventures in trying unique and hard to find beers!

AWOL only has one agenda, and that is to have fun however you care to define it.  You have the freedom to make the most of your vacation, whether that be enjoying the beautiful, white beaches and blue water, or partying with us in the Nude Pool. Our group has a wonderful mix of Hedo virgins and Hedo veterans that range in age from 20s to 60s.

It is important to us that you not only enjoy your vacation but also feel like part of the AWOL family.  We hold AWOL meet-and-greets, a naughty gift exchange, a group dinner, AWOL specific theme nights and much, much more. When you book your vacation thru AWOL you are invited to join our private Facebook page so that you get a chance to meet people before you arrive. You can participate in as much as you like or as little as you like, it’s your vacation.
We like to consider you "friends we have not met yet" instead of strangers. So if you have any specific questions about our group or the resort, please do not hesitate to ask. 
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