DINING:  No reservations needed or allowed


The Dining Terrace Buffet:

    • Breakfast: 7:30am to 11am
    • Lunch: 12:30pm to 3pm
    • Dinner: 7:00pm to 10pm
    • Midnight Snack: 12am to 3am

 3 Restaurants: 6:30pm to 9:30pm

  1. Pastafari: A culinary adventure. A unique Italian restaurant with a Jamaican accent to offer a truly unique dining experience. Closed Friday.
  2. Harrysan: Enjoy the delicious theatrics of Innovative Japanese Teppanyaki style dining AND Sushi.  NOW AIRCONDITIONED. Closed Wednesday and Friday.
  3. Flame: Join us beachside for a one-of-a-kind, romantic, Jamaican chop house experience. Our newest restaurant, Flame adds an exciting flare with the hand selected ingredients.  Closed Monday and Friday.

Monday Beach Party:

  • Every Monday dinner will be on the beach instead of the Main Buffett followed but a show on the beach.

Friday Night Gala:

  • Every Friday the resort creates a not-too-be-missed Grand Gala Extravaganza in and around the main terrace restaurant and courtyard. Gourmet delights prepared with the freshest ingredients by our amazing kitchen team of chefs

2 Beach Bars and Grills:

  • Nude Beach Grill:
    • Hours: 11am to 7pm and Midnight to 5am Daily
    • Set on the edge of seven-mile beach, Negril our nude beach is hidden in a secluded cove. Total beach length is over 1,000 feet long, with soft white sand. Loungers and towels are provided. Nude Beach Grill During the day the grill serves the standard grill options such as burger, jerk chicken, grilled cheese, nachos, fries, grilled fish and more!
    • Jamaican Beef Patties, Ice Cream Machine also available
      • There is nothing better than Midnight Pizza and the Nude Hot Tub or Nude Pool
  • Clothing Optional Beach Grill
      • Hours: 11:00am to 5:30pm
      • During the day the grill serves the standard grill options such as jerk chicken, grill cheese, nachos, grilled fish, and more!

Espresso Bar 7:30am to 11am and 7pm to 11pm

  • Complimentary espresso bar serves up a delicious variety of flavors to add that extra perk to your step.
  • Located in the Main Terrace Dining room.
  • Serves Blue Mountain Coffee.


  • For the ultimate in romantic evenings, allow our talented culinary team to create an unforgettable “Love & Passion” private candlelit dinner for you under the stars. Enjoy exclusive cuisine paired with premium wines, among the backdrop of soothing sounds of the waves lapping onto the beach.
  • Private dinner reservations are required. Dinner between 6:30 pm – 8:30pm and can be reserved online or through our Concierge in advance or by visiting guest services.
  • On arrival, please visit the Guest Relations desk located in the lobby opposite the Front Desk to reserve or confirm the selection and date & time.
  • Private Dinners are not offered on Mondays and Fridays

Private Dining Options

  • Beach View– 1 Entrée, 8oz Aged Beef Tenderloin. $155
  • Ocean View– 1 Entrée, Caribbean Grilled Lobster Tails*. $160
  • Paradise Island– 2 Entrées, Aged Petite Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Lobster Tail. $170 *(Lobster Season April 1 – June 30)

Note:  Some venues may be closed temporarily or moved.  Times are always subject to change.

A menu with fine wines is also available for extra charge.


5 FULLY STOCKED BARS:  All our bars feature premier top shelf brands.

  1. MAIN POOL BAR 10am-2am
    • The main bar is located in the terrace dining area.
  1. NUDE BAR 10am-7pm re-opens 11pm-5am
    • Swim up to the bar at our nude beach bar.
  1. BEACH BAR 10am-6pm
    • Located on the main beach opposite the beach grill.
    • Lounge in a hammock or in one or our Cabanas and enjoy a cool cocktail.
  1. PIANO BAR 6pm- 2am
    • After dinner the party kicks into overdrive.
    • The piano bar offers an amazing atmosphere of fun and our talented piano player puts a twist on some classic tunes for guest interactive fun.
    • Pianist plays from 10:00pm to 1:00am every night except Tuesday.
    • Karaoke at 10:30pm on Tuesdays.
    • Enjoy unlimited premium liquors and either watch and listen or take the microphone.
  1. DISCO/FOUR PLAY CLUB 10:30pm-3am
    • With a great sound system and light shows in the main room, the DISCO/Four Play Club is a club for people that really want to party.
    • Boasts one of the islands best DJ’s where you can dance the night away whilst enjoying your favorite cocktail.
    • After midnight enjoy the midnight buffet or an artisan pizza or burger at the nude pool and hot tub until 4am.
  1. HARRY’S WINE BAR 6:30pm-1am
    • Cosmopolitan and chic, our premium wine bar offers a wide selection of world-renowned wines for purchase.
    • Relax in an air-conditioned lounge before and after dinner.

ACTIVITIES (Subject to change without notice)

  • You'll receive a resort activity QR code at check in.
  • Ambiance at Hedonism is a party atmosphere....so pace yourself if you plan to stay up all night.
  • Take a nap in the afternoon if you party hard at night
  • Your hosts have special events and mischief planned too.
  • The possibilities don’t stop on dry land. Hedonism II provides plenty of excitement for guests who don’t want to get wet. Gather a few friends for a competitive beach volleyball game or enjoy tennis, day and night, on lighted courts surrounded by a lush tropical landscape. Whatever your heart desires you can experience it at Hedonism II. The options are endless, from a game of giant chess, lounging in the pool or simply chilling out in one of our secluded hammocks or cabanas.
    • Our land activities include:
      • Lighted tennis courts
      • Tennis clinics with pros
      • Pickleball
      • Volleyball
      • Shuffleboard
      • Table Tennis
      • Secluded hammocks
      • Games room
      • Reading room
      • Outdoor games area
      • Gaming Lounge
      • Complete Fitness Center
      • Cool out gazebos
      • In the water activities: Aquatics center is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm
        • Scuba Diving
        • Hobie Cat
        • Windsurfing School
        • Sunfish Sailing
        • Snorkeling
        • Kayaks
        • Paddleboards
        • Reserve by visiting our Tour Desk upon arrival.
      • Scuba Diving https://www.hedonism.com/resort-activities/in-the-water/
        • We offer 2 dives daily:
      • 9:30am is the deep dive maximum depth 90 ft and
      • 11:30am is the shallow dive maximum depth is 60 ft.
      • Night Dives are also available at a cost of $70 per person. Night Dive departure times vary depending on the time of sunset.


  • Only Hedonism II includes unlimited diving and the Caribbean’s most comprehensive resort diving program.
  • Our team of PADI certified experts will ensure your experiences are unforgettable.
  • If you’ve never dived before, our introductory resort program will have you experiencing a whole new underwater world, with all the instruction and top-of-the-line equipment needed. These courses are an additional cost.
    • Resort classes are four days weekly:
      • Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00am to 1:00pm including a single open water dive.

Certified divers only need proof of certification and your dives are all included. We accept other certification agencies such as NAUI, SSI, YMCA, BSAC, CMAS, and PADI also.

Discover SCUBA Divers are allowed one ocean dive, unless they are upgrading to SCUBA Diver or Open Water. You pay the difference to upgrade and will be allowed dive every day. If you are qualified, bring an International “C” card or a certificate from an internationally recognized dive school. If you are not qualified, you will have to take a swimming test. After passing, you will need to have a current Diving Medical Certificate or obtain one from a local physician. We can arrange this for a small charge.


HEDO does offer other Catamaran Cruises, but you do have to wear clothes/bathing suits.

  • Prices for Hedo Sponsored Cruises are $80 per person
  • Reserve Hedo Sponsored Cruises at the tour desk
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: 10:30am to 1:30pm Snorkeling and Caves
  • Thursdays from 3:30pm to 6:30pm Sunset Cruises to Rick’s Café

AWOL has an AWOL exclusive nude booze cruise.  This is not a Catamaran Cruise. You will embark on a floating tiki boat on Wednesday July , 2024 from 1pm to 4pm

  • Cost is $90 per person, cash only.
    • Reserve your spot and pay the hosts during our Sunday Night Meet and Greet.
  • Included with your AWOL exclusive nude booze cruise

    • unlimited entertainment by the crew/DJ/MC/Staff.
    • ALCOHOLIC and NON-alcoholic drinks.
    • Food (hot and cold).
    • Swim through the caves, chill in the water.


We are very proud of Jamaica’s heritage and offer extensive excursions so that you can experience it for yourself. From swimming with the dolphins to exploring one of Jamaica’s national treasures Dunn’s River Falls, there’s so much to discover about this tropical paradise. Allow us to guide and advise you on some of the excursions we offer to explore Jamaica’s stunning off-site experiences. At an additional charge, these excursions are a perfect complement to your stay in Jamaica. Reservations can be made by visiting our Tour Desk upon arrival.

 THE PLAYROOM:  10:00pm to 3:00am

Hedonism II allows you to explore and rediscover yourself in a safe and non-judgmental environment. You are welcomed and greeted by our friendly Playroom Hostesses. This is a participatory environment and not just for watching. Our Playroom is open to couples, single women and invited single men. You’ve got to go to know.

Entrance to the Playroom is located beyond the Courtyard, opposite the tennis court. Playroom guests are expected to respect the personal space of others and “play” only if invited to do so.

There is also a small “Happening Hut” near the nude pool, unmanned and open 24 hours


Experience the luxury of our exquisite spa. This full-service sanctuary offers Hedonism II guests unparalleled relaxation in a calming environment that will invigorate your spirit and awaken your senses. Bring balance to the mind, body and spirit through authentic, modern and traditional spa therapies and beauty treatments. The Spa is a tranquil haven where experienced spa and beauty therapists relax and rejuvenate you with specialty massages, facials, stone therapies, scrubs and much more. The Spa features a sauna, steam room and whirlpool to offer an unforgettably indulgent experience. We offer extensive packages including bride and groom packages, all are a part of our comprehensive list of treatments. Please ask our expert therapists for a free consultation to enable you to choose the best course of treatment for you during your vacation. https://www.hedonism.com/resort-activities/spa-treatment/


  • Electricity:   110v Just like in the USA.
  • Transportation off site:  Taxis are on call and available 24 hours/day for an extra charge. Make sure you use taxis that Hedo has approved.
  • Hair Dryers:  Yes, the rooms have hair dryers
  • TVs in room: Yes, satellite TV including PORN channels. Not always reliable.
  • Money:  USD $ gladly accepted.  You don't have to exchange your USD at the airport unless you want to. Bring plenty of $1 bills.
  • Charge cards:  Most are accepted except for roadside vendors, craft markets and local bars/bistros take US dollars. Exact change is best. So have smaller bills available
  • Water:  It is safe to drink and Hedo provides you with a water bottle. There is an abundance of filtered water fill stations throughout the resort.  They do not offer individual bottles of water.
  • Rain:  Yes, it may rain for short periods in the afternoons
    • To those that may melt: Most rooms have umbrellas in them but it is not a guarantee.  You can take a small umbrella and a Jamaican raincoat (A large black plastic trash bag from home - cut holes in the top and sides for head and arms).
  • Power Bar:  If you have lots of electric gadgets and adult toys, take along a spare power bar and don’t forget your USB attachments to charge your equipment.
  • Flashlight/batteries:  During rain storms, power can be lost temporarily.
  • SCUBA & Snorkelers:
    • Divers, take your "C" card.  Sign up early for dives and snorkeling.
  • NUDE "CLOTHES"   = Hat or cap, flip flops, cup, towel, and sun screen.
  • GIFT SHOP: Hedo has a gift shop that stocks every essential item that you may have forgotten.  We carry a wide variety of Snacks, local Souvenir gift idea, Clothing, Costumes for our Themes Nights, Jewelry, Hats, Sunscreen (expensive), toys, make-up, and OTC medications (very expensive).
  • HEDO WEEDO: https://hedoweedo.com/faq/
    • HedoWeedo is a premier medical cannabis dispensary and therapeutic spa located within the world-famous Hedonism II Resort in Negril, Jamaica. Not owned by HEDO
    • HedoWeedo supplies high-quality, 100% Jamaican grown cannabis products including flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, concentrates, tinctures and topicals such as salves and lotions.

TIP:  Things can change without notice in Jamaica and at Hedonism so take off your watch, take off your clothes, ditch your cell phone and don't sweat the small stuff.   Be thankful you're alive, in the tropics and away from the everyday hassles back home .... have fun. Check with your hosts for any special events planned for the group.
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Bear in mind, guidelines above, theme nights and daily activities are subject to change.

Thank you again for your business.  Let us know if you have any questions at all.



Split up your medications:  Keep some in your carry-on if you've packed the rest in your luggage.


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