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What does it cost to join AWOL?

Nothing! The only thing we ask is that you book with Castaways Travel to be a part of all the AWOL only events. Because of the relationship that Castaways shares with Hedonism, and specifically the Hedonism Resorts, they can offer you prices on your stay at Hedo at least 10% lower than you will find anywhere.

Why is AWOL different?

Our group has one agenda... "to have fun".  We are a non-judgmental all-inclusive group.  We do not hold preference over couples or singles. We don’t segregate out our members based on lifestyle/race/origin, whatever. If you come with a good attitude, want to have fun, and be social with some great people - you will fit in just fine.

Meet and Greet:  We hold a meet and greet Sunday evening to make announcements, introduce ourselves, say hello to our new AWOL members and welcome back our repeat AWOLer's.  This is the time to bring us your school supplies.  As always, we will buy your drinks!!!  Wear your "NAUGHTY" and/or "Inappropriate" t-shirts during the Meet and Greet.

School Supplies:  Don’t forget, it has been an AWOL tradition to give back to the employees at Hedonism.  Every year we gather school supplies for the children of those who make our “home” so awesome.  If you want to participate, that is great, just bring what you wish to donate and give it to the hosts during out meet and greet Sunday.  We will make sure that it all goes to those who need it.  They do truly appreciate it.

Nude Booze Cruise 2023:   New for 2023.  Different spot to swim through caves, 3 hour cruise, and real food for those that get the munchies or need to soak up all the alcohol that is included.

Cast off from the dock by water sports and cast off your clothes!!  Come swim through the caves (naked is best, but bathing suits allowed).  We will have an entertainment crew on the cruise, open bar, and real food. This can be mild or wild….it is what you make it.  Last year involved some kinky/fun/comical entertainment.  Remember to sign up and pay the hosts during the meet and greet on Sunday.  We are keeping the rate the same as last year.  $75/person CASH only.  This year the cruise is from 1pm-4pm.  You won't want to miss it!!!  This is an AWOL exclusive cruise.

Group Hosts:  We are here to help in any way we can.  Don't be afraid to come to us with any issues you have, we will do our best to get them resolved as quickly as possible!

Group Dinner:  We also do a group dinner on Thursday night.  This is your chance to actually get a pic or two of your friends clothed, if you are comfortable with it.  Don’t forget we will have exciting door prizes.  We will announce dates for next year during this time.  This is the only night we ask everyone to wear a certain color outfit.  This year we are doing ORANGE and white.  You get to decide how dressy or sexy you want to be.  What will be next years color?

AWOL Pool Party 2023:  AWOL hosts a pool party one day during the week.  This year we hired a DJ/Entertainment person for the pool party.  We will have fun pool games.  Prizes awarded.  Don't forget our fun "ping pong ball" game.

I have never been to Hedo, what do I pack?

The weather is usually very warm to hot, so do not bring too many clothes. Shorts, T-shirts, skirts, blouses, and some sexy clothes for the evening will do fine. Don’t forget the theme nights. Suggested items you may want to consider click here!  AWOL- Packing List

Do I have to get naked @ the resort?

No, of course not. Your AWOL vacation at Hedo II is all about what you want to do. That is why there is a clothing-optional side. If you have never been to a clothing optional resort before, we understand the apprehension about just dropping all your clothes.  We were all there at one point.

Ok, so I’ll get naked.  How do I go about doing that?

We think the best answer to this is just to take a deep breath, drop'em, and climb into the pool. Seriously, once you realize that no one is staring, unless you are the lone person standing in the nude pool area fully clothed, it gets a lot easier.

Can you tell me more about the Hedonism II resort?

The Hedonism II resort is located in beautiful Negril, Jamaica! You can check out the Hedonism II website for more information.


But don't forget if you want to be a part of the AWOL group you have to book your stay through Castaways  Rate Request Form or if you are confident and want to lock in you booking with Castaways use the Place Deposit Form