After a day of lounging on the beach or soaking up the sun in one of the pools, the party continues into the evening with Hedonism II's famous sexy theme nights!  We encourage everyone to join the fun and dress up according to the resort's themes.


Saturday:  One Thousand & One Nights Affair

A sensuous and enchanting party inspired by the tales of Arabian Nights transports you to a world of exotic beauty and seduction, where the mysteries of the East come to life.

Dress code is attire fit for royalty, genies, belly dancers, and harem seductresses. Think flowing silks, ornate jewelry, veils, turbans, and harem pants in vibrant colors and opulent fabrics, creating an irresistibly sensuous look that evokes Middle Eastern mystique.

Sunday:  Midsummer Night's Dream

Whisk away to an enchanting forest where reality and fantasy converge.

Dress code is: You can choose to become an enchanting forest fairy with delicate wings and floral crowns, embrace the allure of elves in nature-inspired attire, let your imagination soar as mythical creatures with body paint, horns, and tails, exude regal splendor in majestic gowns, or step into the world of Shakespearean characters with elaborate Renaissance-style outfits.

Monday:  Tropical Stimulation

Lime with us under the stars as we get sizzlin’ hot, work up a sweat and let the Soca rhythms and Reggae beats stimulate all your senses!

Dress code is carnival vibes, tropical prints, colorful bodycon dresses, sexy beachwear, bright accessories and lots of skin!

Tuesday:  Graffiti Glow Rave

Let’s light up the night sky and dance under the stars for a sexy neon night with all things glowing, body paint, blinking, and flashing.

Dress code is bright neon colors, glowsticks, LED lights, body paint, mesh, body rhinestones, barely there bikinis and sexy rave wear

Wednesday:  Fetish Leather & Lingerie

Strap on your sexiest leather, lingerie & fetish wear and indulge your fantasies in an energetic underworld of pleasure and excitement.

Dress code is leather, latex, lace, lingerie, fishnets, corsets, garter belts, bondage gear, body-harness, collars, cat suits and stilettos.

Thursday:  Casino Night

Feeling lucky? Join us as we transport you from Vegas to Monte Carlo for a thrilling night of high stakes, high style, and high rolling.

Dress code is sexy cocktail dresses and evening gowns, tuxedos, sequins, smoking jackets, showgirl costumes, diamonds, and high heels.

Friday:  Hedonistic POP Culture

We invite you to embody your favorite pop culture characters, whether from movies, TV shows, music, or other entertainment mediums, but with a seductive and hedonistic twist.

Dress code encourages you to get creative and don costumes that pay homage to your beloved pop culture references while adding a sensuous element.