This information is accurate for the July 2023 AWOL Trip

Have you started packing for your trip to Hedonism?

Print out the following:

  1. Hedo Check in Form 2023
  2. Review your paid invoice and take a copy with you. 
  3. Airline Itinerary

Questions? Contact at:  INFO@castawaystravel.com

ALERT:  Info below about travel, airport services, and the resort is subject to change without notice and not guaranteed.


  • Have your flight plans and/or schedule changed?  
  • If so, send Castaways your latest flight schedule, flight numbers, times and dates.
  • Do you have your paid invoice for Hedo?
    • Review your paid invoice, take a copy with you or take a photo with your cell phone.
    • Your airport transfers AND Hedonism telephone numbers are included in your invoice.  It's handy if you miss your flight.
  • TIP: Notify your credit card company you will be traveling internationally and to expect charge transactions while you're traveling out of your home country. 

PROOF of CITIZENSHIP and Health Protocols*

This list is subject to change and is not guaranteed.

Jamaica Immigration form is ON LINE  

  • Submit free Immigration card (Form C-5) online at:
    • https://enterjamaica.com It's voluntary.
    • Your airline may provide a paper form issued in-flight.
    • Paper forms are also available in Jamaica Immigration upon arrivals.

NO COVID TEST is required to enter JAMAICA.

NO COVID TEST is required to re-enter the USA by air.

Canadian Residents  There are no Covid travel restrictions as of October 2022

Cell phones/Texting:  Most of them operate OK in Jamaica.

  • TIP: Answer these questions now before you depart for Jamaica.
    • Do you have international calling arranged with your cell phone service provider for calls & texting to/from Jamaica?
    • Does your cell phone have hardware to send/receive international telephone calls & texting?
    • If you're not sure, call your cell phone provider for clarification or to arrange for international service prior to your departure
    • Icelandic and other vendors at the MoBay airport also offer temporary Jamaican cell phones and service while you're on the island.
      • Look for them in the Arrivals Hall.


  • Documentation and paid hotel invoice are sent to you via Email from Castaways.
  • Keep these items in your carry-on bag and have a picture on your phone:
  • Paid hotel invoice which includes your airport transfer information.
  • PASSPORT: Must not expire within 6 months of return date (yes, copy or take a picture of your passport to have as a backup).
  • Once you enter Jamaica: keep your immigration entry receipt with your passport.
    • You need to return this form upon departure from Jamaica



  1. Provide Driver’s license or valid Passport for each individual checking in
  2. Provide refundable deposit of US$250 –
    • Credit Card
      • Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express only OR
    • $250 cash/per room


  • If you are confirmed for Club MoBay upon arrival: a Club MoBay representative will greet you when you get off your flight and escort you all the way through immigration, baggage, and Customs.
  • Apply on line below if you are interested.   You can also arrange for departure service with access to its private lounge to wait comfortably for your flight home.  Club MoBay provides free WIFI, TV, bar drinks, snacks and light bites. Reservations are capacity controlled.  You must provide your exact airline itinerary to Book Online for Club Mobay.

ALERT:  Plan ahead early! Availability is capacity controlled - reservations are required.  Weekends/holidays are the heaviest demand and often are sold out at Club MoBay.

Club MoBay contacts if your Flight is delayed:

  • Email: Club MoBay: reservations@vipattractions.com Subject: “Urgent Flight Change”
  • Phone: (Local) 1 876 619-1565 for Jamaica or (954) 837-6290 for USA/Canada


  • If you booked through Castaways, your airport transfers are INCLUDED.
  • Transportation to the resort is via Sun Holiday.
  • Check in at the Sun Holiday's transfer desk in the Arrivals Hall after clearing customs.... usually position
    • # 5 for Sun Holiday.    
  • Obtain your return transfer ticket at the Sun Holiday desk before you depart for Hedonism.
  • You will be escorted to your transfer bus.
  • If you want a sky cap to carry your bags, expect to tip US $1/bag.
  • The resort is about 1.5-2 hours west of the airport, depending upon traffic.

Airport office for Sun Holiday 876-979-1061876-979-1061

Cell phone at Sun Holiday airport desk 876-896-5128

COURTESY REQUEST                                                                                                                                

If you arranged for some other transportation to Hedonism, please tell us.  Castaways pays out-of-pocket for your transfers for everyone on the Hedonism guest list.  If you are a "No Show" or use another method to reach Hedonism, Castaways has paid for your Sun Holiday in advance.  Sun Holiday also charges Castaways for "No Shows" as a penalty.


  • Sun Holiday schedules your pick-up time usually 4+ hoursbefore your flight departure time.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, Sun Holiday will give you a return ticket with your scheduled pick-up time at Hedonism.  Keep this with your passport.
  • Give the return ticket to the shuttle driver for your return to Montego Bay.  Do Not Lose it. 

Baggage Pick Up tips at Hedonism
TIP: Confirm luggage pick up time the day before you depart the resort and do it in person with the bellman.

  • Get the name of the person who confirmed your baggage pick up time.
  • The morning of departure, call the bellman again to re-confirm your baggage pick up time.  If the phones don't work, re-confirm again in person on your way to breakfast.
  • Place your bags outside your guestroom door to be picked up and taken to the lobby before you depart the resort.
  • Attach luggage tags to your bags with your names.
  • Look outside your door to double check someone actually picked up your bags.
  • If not, roll them up to the reception area.  Don't assume anything at Hedonism!


After 3 PM up to about 6 PM
 or later.  This time is totally dependent upon:
1) When the previous guests vacate your assigned room you will occupy and
2) When maid service completes cleaning your room.

TIP:  Leave your bags with the bellman, take off your clothes, your watch and start your vacation. Don't waste valuable "fun" time standing around the lobby; you won't make the time go any faster; you're wasting your vacation and party time.  Relax and have fun.... pick up your room key bracelet (water proof) later.

If you're in or around the nude pool and nude beach, expect to be nude. The area is called that for a reason:  Folks with clothes and swim suits will be invited by security to enjoy the clothing- optional area located on the left side of the map below.  If you prefer to wear a swim suit or enjoy the beach topless, the "clothing-optional" beach is the place.

HINT:  "Gawkers" wearing swim suits at the nude pool and nude beach may be invited to use the clothing optional beach by hotel security and typically not allowed in the nude pool area.

The right side of the beach map below is nude. Please carry a towel with you to sit on. BEACH TOWELS ARE PROVIDED BY THE RESORT.  Clothing optional beach is on the left side of the dock.

Telephone to the resort:  1+876-957-5200 (24 hours)
Telephone in your room: Is direct dial.  Service can be inconsistent.
Internet:   Internet service is available but also can be inconsistent.

If you have an international WIFI hot spot, take it with you.

Lap Tops/I Pads:   Free WIFI service now in rooms.... subject to change.

Alert:  WIFI service can be spotty.  Streaming may be available for a fee.

More Free Wi Fi:  In the courtyard in front of the Piano Bar and at the edge of the dining room closest to courtyard.

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We recommend Courtney Smith with Red Bus Tours.

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